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    Our primary mission is to determine and systematically work towards achieving the individual needs of our clients.  In this way we have built a reputation of being the very best in the residential services industry. 


    We have prepared some 3,800 license applications for Small Family Homes (SFH's) Adult Residential Facilities (ARF's), and Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE's) and others, and have written some 1,500 Program Designs for Regional Centers all over the state of California. We offer a comprehensive selection of products to help your California Community Care Facility (CCF) grow.

    Immediately prior to starting RA Mears Consulting, Robert Mears spent 10 years at the San Diego Regional Center (SDRC), one of 21 regional centers in the state of California providing services to the developmentally disabled population.  

    His positions there included Service Coordinator, planning case management to adults living independently or in their family home; determining eligibility for services in the Intake Department; and for the last 5 years conducting Quality Assurance inspections in Community Care Facilities vendored by SDRC.  

    Though he developed a high level of expertise in these positions, Robert was increasingly frustrated by a system that was focused on looking for deficiencies and writing citations.  He was convinced that most providers wanted to become better at what they did, to learn from each other and from people like himself who had witnessed many different ways of doing their job.  

    In the past 20 years these beliefs have been proved time and time again and the business has been a smashing success.  Although he already has a background and expertise that is rarely matched by other consultants, Robert Mears continues to learn about California residential services, Community Care Licensing Division, and Regional Centers throughout the state and wants to help others benefit from his unique perspective.    
Robert Mears
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Expertise 40 Years In The Making

    Whether you are just starting your facility, attempting to grow or improve an existing one, or wanting to sell or purchase one, we can help.  Our work meets all regulations and standards and our own exacting criteria.


    If you desire to open a Community Care Facility (CCF) in California serving children, adults, the elderly, or a Regional Center (SFH, ARF-DD, ARF-MD, or RCFE) we can prepare parts A and B applications for a facility license, and Level 2, 3, and 4 Program Designs for Regional Center vendorization.  See the regional centers we write Program Designs for.   


    Once you have opened your facility, we can prepare many documents that you may need, such as CCLD exception and waiver requests, Individual Service Plans or Quarterly and Semi-Annual Reports for the Regional Center, or guide you in setting up and maintaining an efficient, streamlined, and effective program.


    If you are looking to buy or sell a facility, there are a number of steps you should follow for a successful transition.  Let us help you maximize your investment.  We are not realtors, but can advise you in all aspects related to CCLD or the Regional Center.

    Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our business to you.  Please contact us so we can discuss your specific needs.

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Robert Mears
Adult Development Worker
Association for Retarded Citizens
Oakland, California, 1981
Robert Mears, Program Implementer, Spectrum Agency
Berkeley, California, 1986
About RA Mears Consulting


Donald Prentice
Office Manager

    Don grew up around facilities with grandparents that operated a Level 2 ARF-DD for 23 years.  

      He has  DSP 1 & 2, and RSS certifications and was formerly an ARF Administrator.

    He has worked for 2-years in Level 3 and Level 4 ARF-DD facilities, as Administrator and Direct Support Professional. 

    Don has trained with Robert Mears for the past 11 years to learn about residential services support.  He can assist you with:

-Credit Card payments and billing.
-Assistance with questionnaires.
-Locating resources and phone numbers for licensing or regional center offices, ombudsmen, etc.
-Part A & B Applications.
-Regional Center ISP's.
-Quarterly or Semi-Annual Reports.
-Calculating T17 staff hours.
-General ARF questions.
  One job led to another, and an expertise was earned that can only be achieved by concentrating on one field for very long time.
Donald Prentice, age 12, at his grandparent's ARF
Christmas, 1989
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Robert Mears, Program Implementer, Spectrum Agency
El Sobrante, California, 1987

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology 
University of California at Berkeley

Master of Arts, Psychology 
San Diego State University

    RA Mears Consulting was founded in 2004 by Robert Mears. The business evolved over time after a career of nearly 30 years that included jobs in many aspects of the residential services field, from direct care staff in many types of facilities, to day program and workshop instructor, administrator, QMRP, regional center case manager, and inspector of facilities.  

Robert Mears' Education and Employment History