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    Whether you're opening a new facility, purchasing or selling an existing one, or currently operating one, we can help.

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Other Community Care Licensing Division Products
    Our focus is Community Care Facilities (CCF's) and we are experts in the laws and practices that govern them in California.  We do not work directly with clients, consumers, or residents.  Our role is to support the licensee and administrator.  Our mission is to keep you in compliance with the laws, to help you develop an efficient, streamlined, and effective program, and to provide the support and documentation you need to do so. 
Products & Services
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Regional Center Program Designs
ARF's, RCFE's, and SFH's

ARF's, RCFE's, SFH and Group Homes
Consultations are available in-person or by phone.
We write few Program Designs each year, about 1-2 per quarter, and only for a select group of Regional Centers. Our Program Designs are among the best available and are compliant with HCBS/Final Rules.  Unlike some consultants, our fee includes all changes to our work required by the regional center to get you vendored.  Why pay more?
If your regional center is on our “No” list, that only applies to a Program Design. We can prepare license applications anywhere in the state. We can also consider any other regional center products or services we offer (e.g., consultations, Face Sheets, ISP’s, etc).